Coins in the Fountain:

Where Innocents Abroad Meet La Dolce Vita

With middle age looming, Judith Works decided it was time for a change. But after graduating from law school at age forty-seven, she still faced the question: “What now?” Casual conversations about far-off travels with husband Glenn became a reality with the offer of a dream job at the United Nations in Rome, Italy.

Coins in the Fountain brings to life the challenges of aclimating to the beautiful and chaotic ancient city of Rome. Judith shares her struggles to learn the arcane rules and folkways of the UN while Glenn begins his valiant effort to cook Italian-style, as they both endeavor to embrace la dolce vita. With an extraordinary count and countess for friends, dogs inthe doctor’s office, snakes and unexploded bombs on the golf course, along with a sinking sailboat rocking on the ocean, the unexpected was always just around the corner.

Through wit, wry humor, and descriptions of enticing food and travel, Judith takes you on a journey into the heart of what it is truly ike to live in the Eternal City.

According to Roman lore, if you toss a coin over your shoulder into the famous Trevi Fountain, the gods will grant you a return trip. When it was time for them to leave, Judith made that hopeful toss and her wish was granted.

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